Dear AEE Members,

Many of you may have heard that the Janus v. AFSCME case at the US Supreme Court was decided yesterday, in favor of Janus. This means that state employee unions are no longer permitted to collect Fair Share fees from employees who are bargaining unit members and who benefit from the collective bargaining and representation services the unions provide.

AEE will remain and strong an effective union as long as we have our dedicated AEE members standing together in the face of these efforts to tear down public employee unions. We appreciated meeting with so many of you in the last couple of months to discuss this upcoming decision, and hearing countless stories of how AEE has benefitted members across the state.

AEE has a strong history of over 75 years of independent, member-run service to all of our bargaining unit members. While this decision will certainly have an impact upon us, your AEE Board Members, Directors, and Key Members will continue the work of AEE in support of the entire bargaining unit.

We encourage each of you to make sure that you’re a registered member of AEE by completing the form at the link below, and sending to your local AEE Director, or to the AEE Office.

AEE Membership Application