Our mission is to enhance the future of all of our people, at work and into retirement. We pledge to bring a strong united voice to collective bargaining and to uphold the good faith of the collective bargaining agreement. We support equal representation in grievances or arbitrations, when employee's rights are ignored. We value our professional posture, which dignifies the hope of a thriving, productive workplace, where each individual is valued and respected; where communication is open and honest; where achievements are recognized and rewarded; and where opportunities for personal growth and educational advancement translate into successful and secure careers.

Early History

After World War II, Oregonians, returning from the service faced one of the most challenging situations imaginable. Wartime activity left most highway projects abandoned, and needless to say, few new ones were started. The state was in desperate need of road repair and new project development.

However, while the postwar economy boomed, the engineering salaries remained unchanged from original pre-war levels! Employees in the Highway Dept. were discontented and depressed. The Oregon State Employees Association (OSEA) already had the tremendous job of dealing with the increasing costs of living for Oregon employees as a whole and could not handle the specific problems of small groups. Thus, late in the fall of 1947, a small group of highway engineering employees called a meeting. This is when they organized the Association of Engineering Employees.

AEE has come a long way since that first meeting. When employees were saying, "Nobody listens to us," AEE fought for an independent organization and for a voice in state bargaining and politics. When employees need an organization to help them, AEE is there. Today the AEE is still "doing something". Results are evident! AEE has represented its group of employees "honestly and successfully since 1948." The fact remains that throughout its sixty plus years, AEE has always come to an agreement and managed to resolve problems.

AEE has grown and matured into an Association beyond even its founders greatest dreams. AEE has traveled some rough roads to finally reach its goals, and has preserved the pioneer spirit of its charter members.

AEE has taken the early goals of the charter members, and put them into the test of decades. The Association is not settling down, but forging ahead as an independent, vibrant and viable organization.

The Association of Engineering Employees faces the future with confidence, knowing its success comes from: Employees Working Together!

AEE Bylaws

Bylaws in effect on July 1, 2018