PLEASE NOTE: The help content below will show differently depending on your current access rights.  Come back again after you've logged in or been added to a group and there will be different content here.

AEE Web Site Registration

Who Qualifies for Access to this site?

You are qualified for AEE web site access when you fit into one of the following categories:

    • Oregon State employees working in an AEE Represented position for the Department of Transportation, Parks and Recreation Department, or the Department of Forestry who are either Fair Share or Full Members
    • Retired or Lifetime Members
    • AEE Office Staff who maintains this site

What are sign-up limitations?

    • Only one account per person is allowed.
      Why?  Since you can change your profile information here to reflect your changes to your contact information, we cannot easily manage this if you have more than one account.
    • Oregon State Email addresses are not allowed to be used as part of your registration.
      Why?  Information requests can be made for ANY electronic communication in the state.  This can be for your own emails with password reset information, personal information, union correspondence, etc.  It is in everyone's best interest to keep sensitive communication provate.

Supported Browsers

As of this writing, the following browsers are known to work with this site:

    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Firefox 23
    • Safari (including iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with current updates)

Chances are, if you have a current browser (as of 2015), this site should work with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I just signed up but can't get in.  Why not?
    This depends:
    • Did you receive an email after signing up?
      The first thing that happens after you sign up is you should receive an email from our web site.

      If you find this first email did not arrive, this could be caused for several reasons:
      • Email was caught by a spam filter.
        Check your spam folder(s) to find your registration message.
      • The email address entered during registration was incorrect
        If this is the case, you will need to submit a new request with your correct email address.
    • Did you click the link in your original email address?
      You must click the link in the email to confirm your address is correct before we can process your access request.  This is done to verify that you requested your own AEE web account, and that the email you provided works.
    • Has it been more than 2 business days since you clicked the link to verified your email address?
      Every applicant who signs up is verified as a qualifying member first (see Who Qualifies for Access to this site, and What are sign-up limitations, above) before access can be granted.  We usually get to this within 1-2 business days.
  2. Where are the restricted pages I have access to?
    Depending on the groups are part of, you will see various menu items appear at the top of the page including Member Resources, AEEPAC Resources, etc.  Within these menus are the additional pages you have access to.

If you're new to AEE, have recently moved back to an AEE represented position,have recently changed your address or would like to sign up to the AEEPAC, fill out this form so we can take care of that:  AEE Membership Application (Acrobat PDF download)

If you've forgotten your password, use steps recommended in the video below to reset it.